This is what I do (quite well)

  • I code and develop web

    Front end web development is one of the things I enjoy doing. Taking a psd file, code it to a live webpage, make it responsive and adaptive, man it just gives me a rush. Learning web languages, mobile technologies, VPS, webservers, those are the things I need to study everyday its like being a student all over again. But I dont mind, technologies get obsolete in the blink of an eye so adapt or get left behind.

  • I design and develop interactive ebooks

    Take a printed book like a children's book, spend hours thinking a logical way on how to make it interactive in digital format such as epub3 or a more complex kindle format is the kind of challenge that keeps me awake at night. The more complicated it gets the more I enjoy it. Making epubs compatible across different platforms, mobis accross different kindles then uploading them to different distribution channel is another challenging job but something I'm good at.

  • I am a publishing specialist

    I've been doing desktop publishing for almost a decade now using different tools. I started in 3B2 an xml first typesetting tool, then QuarkXPress and finally InDesign, which I immediately fell inlove with. I developed different workflows and even various javascripts and templates to make things easier for production people. Im a font and typography enthusiast so designing and customizing font is also one of my expertise.

  • I design and create graphics and animations

    Being a designer is the hardest career in my opinion. You may know how to use the entire adobe master collection but still you could end up staring at a blank canvass the whole day and still cant come up with a good design. I worked with different people on different projects and I realized one can not be good at coding and being good at design the same time. So I figured I need to keep it balanced. Designing posters, brochures, flyers, motion graphics, are the things I enjoy doing to keep me on the edge.

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